Spice Coffee Co Cardamon Coffee 250g


Spice Coffee Co has been roasting and supplying coffee to customers for about three years. We source Organic coffee beans and spices from reputable certified organic wholesalers and roast, blend and pack our delicious coffee at our roastery in Quakers Hill. For our spice blend our coffee comes from Brazil, cardamom from Guatemala, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Turmeric from India and Black peppercorn from Sri Lanka.

We truly believe that by sourcing the right ingredients we will be able to deliver the best product to our customers.

All our spice blends are carefully selected and blended to balance the coffee and spice flavour and aroma. We make sure that the spice does not take over the taste of coffee, instead spice enhance the aroma and health benefits. Our spice blends are perfect for customers who like Cold brew and French press but also for those who drink cafΓ© latte or cappuccino as a touch of warm mike further boost the spice flavours.

Our ground coffee is a perfect blend of arabica coffee grounded together with fresh cardamon spice mix. A sophisticated blend enriched by delicate flavour of cardamon without overpowering the flavour and aroma of coffee.

  • Cardamon may help lower blood pressure
  • May contain cancer-fighting compounds
  • High anti-inflammatory effects
  • Helps in mild digestive problems


Arabica coffee, Cardamon.