Organic Vegan Kimchi HOT 430g – Spiralz


Spiralz Organic Vegan Hot Kimchi has that extra kick for those hot chilli lovers. It is a┬ádelicious blend of cabbage, carrot, ginger, Korean chilli peppers, garlic, green onions & other delicious spices. This raw fermented probiotic-rich food is traditionally eaten with every meal in Korea.┬áSpiralz Organic Vegan Kimchi is made without the use of fish sauce, contains no gluten and no refined sugar. We have had much feedback from customers┬ásaying it is the most amazing and flavoursome traditional kimchi they have ever tried and it is one of the best tasting raw vegan Kimchi’s┬áavailable.┬á Combine this Kimchi with any dish,┬ásalad, wrap, burger or sandwich and you will see why we are so loved for our raw probiotic gut enriching vegan kimchi.


We use only the best 100% Australian Certified organic vegetables and spring water to provide the purest probiotic vegan kimchi on the market and have been doing so since 2015.  If you prefer a little less spice, you can try our Organic Vegan Mild Kimchi which is also loaded with flavour without the intense heat.

*This is a raw, live fermented product and requires refrigeration on arrival. This is a live fermented product so also please note some leakage in transit can occur, but extra liquid is added to account for this.