Organic Fermented Spanish Beetroot 430g – Spiralz


Spiralz Organic Fermented Spanish Beetroot has a delightful red onion flavour combined with theĀ natural, rich, earthy flavour of beetroot.Ā Beetroots are high in betaine, a nutrient which helps protect cells, fight stress and reduce inflammation. Combine theseĀ benefitsĀ with theĀ fermentation process andĀ you have a probiotic-rich food that is full of goodness for the gut. Organic Fermented Spanish Beetroot is a lovely condiment and side to any dish and adds flavour and colour to almost anything fromĀ wraps, burger, sandwiches and salads.


Made using 100% Australian Certified Organic Vegetables and Spring Water, we pride ourselves on providing the purestĀ culturedĀ vegetables on the market that are not only loaded with the benefits of probiotics but also taste amazing!

*This is a raw, live fermented product and requires refrigeration on arrival. This is a live fermented product so also please note some leakage in transit can occur, but extra liquid is added to account for this.