Organic Sauerkraut German 430g – Spiralz


NEW Traditional Gourmet German Sauerkraut has been a long time coming from us but it has definitely been worth the wait!

There are so many “plain” and “Green” sauerkrauts on the market and we knew when we made one we wanted it to be special.ย  Five years of trialling and testing different combinations, we came up with what customers are saying is the “Perfect Balance of Subtle Yet Most Delicious German Sauerkraut Ever”!ย  We are proud of this little beauty!

Crunchy, tangy, sour and aromatic, this version of a premium German Sauerkraut is just delicious. ย This is a live fermented product so also please note some leakage in transit can occur, but extra liquid is added to account for this.