Organic Kefir Water Zesty Lemon 430g – Spiralz


These amazing packs of traditionally fermented raw water kefir are loaded with flavour and probiotic benefits.  Our NASAA certified organic line is premium in ingredients profile, uses no starter cultures, artificial sweetners, preservatives or additives and we ferment using only pure spring water.  Water kefir is THE most diverse in it’s probiotic make-up and has been proven to have big benefits for improving gut health and a wide array of tummy troubles and other health issues.

While our Spiralz Water Kefir is so delicious customers love to drink an entire bottle in one go, the minimal required daily intake to impact gut health is just 1/4 of a cup – THIS BEVERAGE PACKS A PUNCH when it comes to improving your gut health.

** This is for a 280ml Per bottle. Due to the possibility of some leakage in tramsit while live and fermenting, we fill the bottles to at least 300ml.  Any problems please send photos prior to opening and remember to Refrigerate First and Open Carefully when cold as fermentation can cause more Co2 and fizziness**

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