Anchovies in Olive Oil 95g – Fish4Ever


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Fish4Ever is the best tinned fish brand in the world! Since 2001, Fish4Ever have been on a mission to fish sustainably and to protect our oceans and marine life like dolphins, turtles, birds, shark and albatrosses, but it’s not just the sea they care about.

Fish4Ever deeply care about the people that do the fishing, the local communities whose livelihoods depend on the sea and the people who work by hand in the small artisan factories. Plus, they only use all organic oils, dressings and land ingredients. Fish4Ever calls this their β€œsea, land and people” approach as they look at sustainability holistically and carefully consider all the issues as a whole.

Salted for 6 months in hand harvested Trapani Sea salt and packed individually into jars with a local organic olive oil.

Fished in the warm waters of the Southern Mediterranean south of Sicily and Calabria by local boats, processed in a small factory by hand, left to mature in large vats filled with sea salt and then packed 6 to 8 months later in a local green and fruity
extra virgin organic olive oil.


Anchovy fillets (55%), extra virgin olive oil* (44%), sea saltΒ (*total ingredients from organic agriculture 44%).

* From Organic Agriculture.