next delivery date: 27th Jun 2024

next delivery date: 27th Jun 2024


1. Do you deliver to me?

Go Organic delivers everywhere from Port Stephens down to the bottom of Lake Macquarie. We cover Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Kurri Kurri and Maitland. If unsure, please contact us via the contact form.

We also have a growing number of click & collect locations throughout our service area. These are listed below.

  • Atune Health at 52 Ada St, Cardiff
    Open until 5pm Thursday
  • Awaken Chiropractic at 1/143 Dudley Road, Whitebridge
    From 3pm until 6pm Thursday  
2. How do I create an order?

It's so easy. Simply add the item you wish to purchase to your cart. At checkout, you can checkout as you normally would OR you can select to make your order a SUBSCRIPTION
and set a recurring automatic delivery every week or fortnight.

There’s no minimum order. Delivery is $10 or $15 depending on delivery area and free for orders over $150.

3. When is the order cut-off?

We deliver once a week on Thursdays.

Order BEFORE Tuesday 12pm and we will deliver on Thursday same week.

Order placed on the website AFTER Tuesday 12pm, will be delivered Thursday of the following week.

If you need to update your subscription, you will also need to do this before 12pm Tuesday.

4. When will I receive my order?

All orders will be delivered to the designated delivery address via one of our team members.

All orders are delivered Thursday afternoon as soon as we finish packing.

5. How do I make sure my order stays cool in warm weather and dry in wet weather?

Your order is unpacked from the farmers and packed immediately into your delivery box. We are dedicated to keeping your produce as fresh as possible. During the summer months we pack your order into reusable styrofoam boxes, add a frozen water brick to keep It cooler if you wish. There is no requirement to be at home when we deliver your box, however if it is a warm day or there is rain forecast, please be sure to instruct us on the best place to leave it.

6. How do I add or update my delivery instructions?

Click on the person at the top right of our website, login to your ACCOUNT and then ADDRESSES. Update your delivery address and be sure to click save! 

For any changes to your delivery instructions for future orders, simply add them at checkout.

If you need to change the delivery instructions for an order already in process for any reason,
please call us on 0492 959 603 or email us at

7. I have a subscription, how do I change my next delivery?

You can pause or cancel your subscription in MY ACCOUNT prior to Tuesday 12pm. If you would like to add a one off item, please email or text us.

8. Can I skip, Pause or Cancel deliveries?

Absolutely! At Go Organic we want you to know that we understand how life works and that no one likes being locked into something if your situation changes. Simply go to your subscription
settings in your account to skip a week, pause or cancel your subscription.

Transactions are processed when you checkout or in the case of a subscription order, it’s processed at the week order Cut-off day and time. Therefore, once an order has been processed through the shopping cart and products have been ordered from farmers you won't be able to cancel it.

Please therefore call or text us on 0492 959 603 and we can review your needs and unique situation so that we can seek to provide you with a solution.

9. How do you manage substitutions if something is not available?

Firstly, you can set up instructions in your My Account section with instructions about how you want us to handle substitutions if a product is not available.

In the case when a product that has been ordered is not available on the day of packing you can select the following options:

1)  We can substitute for an item that is the same or very similar and is of equal value.

2) We can issue a credit to your account.

10. Something is missing from my order…

Occasionally because farming can be unpredictable at times we have to make a change to your box contents due to weather or some other circumstance out of our control. The first thing to do is check that we haven’t already substituted an item for something else according to your instructions. If something is missing, we will issue you a credit to your account up to 48 hours after delivery, please let us know if you did not receive the item or credit and we’ll replace it free with your next delivery. Please Call or text us on 0492 959 603 or send an email to
and we'll be more than happy to help you.

11. What should I do if my box hasn’t arrived?

All of our deliveries are usually completed by 6pm Thursday. It would be a very rare situation if we ever missed a delivery but mistakes do happen! If you have not received your order by 6pm Thursday, please call us on 0492 959 603 or send an email to so we can resolve the issue for you! 

12. What if I am going away?

Please login to your account, click on Subscriptions and then click pause. You will be able to resume once you return! Be sure to do this by 12pm Tuesday and have a great trip!

13. What changes cannot be made after Order Cut-off?

We understand that stuff happens, so if we can accomodate you, we will but generally groceries are the only changes that are able to be made after 1pm Monday. Please call us asap on 0492 959 603 to discuss.

14. How do I know that the order is processed?

You will receive an email with a copy of the invoice when the order is processed in our online
system. We do recommend you look at the information on the invoice each week and make sure everything remains correct.

You can also log into your Account on the website and check on your orders and subscriptions in the My Account section.

15. When can I start a subscription?

Now? You can start anytime and we really feel this service is one of the best things we can do to help you! Set up your subscription and get fresh food each week or fortnight. It's that easy.  As with any of our orders, any order placed before 12pm Tuesday will be delivered the Thursday of the same week. Your subscription can be set for weekly or fortnightly, whatever suits you! Please feel free to reach out if you need assistance setting this up.

16. What if I am not happy with an order for any reason?

Your happiness is our priority! Go Organic offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every product that we sell. If you are unhappy with a product, we will exchange the item or provide you with an in-store credit for the value of the item. Refunds can only be offered however if we are notified within 24 hours from
time of delivery.

17. Can I place an order over the phone instead of online?

We prefer all of our customers set up an online account, however, we understand this is overwhelming for some. 

If you would like assistance in using the online ordering system, please Call or text us on 0492 959 603 and we will walk you through the process or set up a subscription for you.

18. I am having technical issues with the website

The first thing to do is to 'Clear your browser cache' in your browser preferences section. Our website should work on all browsers.

Please get in touch with us at if you would like our customer service team to look into the issue and come back to you with assistance.

19. What can I manage in my Account?

Once signed into your account, you will be able to access your Wish List, review your Order History, update Account Details and Payment Methods, Addresses as well as managing your  Subscriptions.

20. How do I know that the products are genuine certified organic products?

Go Organic is adhering to strict standards when selling certified organic products and fresh produce. You can be assured that all produce is certified organic, and you will be able to see the farmer or producer linked to each product. We never substitute with conventional produce.

We always seek out Certified Organic farmers and encourage any farmer that wants to supply Go Organic to focus on securing their Certification.

21. Why is the order cycle cut-off a few days in advance?

There is a lot that happens in the final hours before you receive your order.

  1. Final orders are closed 2 days in advance of the delivery date to ensure we know exactly how much fresh produce and other speciality items will be required for that day’s delivery.
  2. We then speak to our farmers, suppliers and producers after your order is processed and we arrange to purchase exactly the right food and the exact right quantities.
  3. Farmers, suppliers and producers then arrange their harvest then package and deliver your products or arrange for special freight companies to deliver.
  4. We then receive delivery of all your beautiful food which we carefully package ready for delivery.
  5. Over the final 24 hours before you receive your food box our specialist delivery team ensures your order arrives at your door.
22. I'd like to order a seasonal box. Can I add extra items?

Yes, you can add individual items to your recurring subscription or to an individual order at any time. If there is something you particularly like you can add extra items as ongoing inclusions in your subscription and we’ll make it happen.

23. What are my payment options?

You can pay via credit card or you can direct debit funds to our account and these funds can be added to your online wallet.

If you wish to pay via the direct debit and wallet system, p[lease email us at Otherwise you will need to link a credit card to your customer file within your account when you are logged in which we know is the safest, most streamlined way of processing payments. Naturally, you always remain in control in that every time the system processes a payment, you immediately receive a copy of your invoice directly to the email registered on your account. You can update and change card details at any time securely when you are logged into your account.

24. Can I pay by cash?

Our online platform does not allow cash to be selected as a payment option.

25. What is in the seasonal boxes?

The contents of our set boxes change naturally depending on what's in season every week, however, as is the nature of food and farming.

You will find that the boxes are a diverse mix of fruit and vegetables.

Approximate quantities are listed on the box descriptions.

Please Note: Box contents can be subjected to change at the last minute due to availability. If you have set a box on a subscription and a product is unavailable, we will seek to replace that product with an item of equal value and similar weight.

26. What are the quantities of fruit and vegetables in each box?

Due to the reality that organic produce comes in all shapes and sizes, we cannot give you an exact quantity or weight of what’s in the box. What we do suggest is to get a sense of the number of people different box sizes generally feed for the week. Because we know that everyone's eating habits are so different, we recommend trying a few different box sizes until you know what suits you and your crew.

27. What if there are certain foods in the set boxes that I don't eat?

We also allow for some alterations where possible. For example, “no potatoes or bananas”. Simply make a note on your order at checkout. If you have many requirements, we ask that you create a custom order instead. You can subscribe to custom orders just as you can seasonal boxes.

28. How do I share feedback about your service?

We love feedback!

Let us know what we’re doing right and also how we can serve you better! Please email us at We encourage you to have a voice and join in the discussion via our Facebook & Instagram channels.

If you would like a good old-fashioned chat, please call on 0492 959 603 or email us at and we will respond to every message.

29. Where can I find the Go Organic privacy policy?

Go Organic Foundation's Privacy Policy can be found here: Privacy Policy.

30. What happens if a product is not available?

In the case of a product not being available, we will follow your customer preferences according
to one of the following options as follows;

1) Substitute the value for an item as specified in your substitution preferences.

2) Issue a credit for the item that was unavailable.

31. Where do the produce and grocery items come from?

All of our produce is Australian and sourced from 100% Certified Organic Growers and Producers. We source produce direct from farmers and we also deal with Certified Biodynamic and Certified Organic Suppliers and Hubs connected with Australian growers who follow the highest standards of excellence on their farms. In developing our sourcing policy, we have a supplier agreement to ensure our supply chain understands, maintains and upholds the same high standards.

32. Can I create my own order and set it as a recurring subscription?

Yes. When selecting any individual product, you can set it up as a recurring order according to your timing and preferences.

33. Do I have to order every week?

Our service is totally flexible, you can order online whenever you like, pause as required and manage your own subscription according to your personal food needs.

next delivery date: 27th Jun 2024

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