Monicas Mix - Organic Paleo Flour

Use this versatile, nutritious flour blend for all your gluten free, grain free recipes. It works every time.”

This specially formulated flour is a blend of grain free and gluten free flours. It is made using organic and natural ingredients, including nutritious flax and sesame meal. I have included green banana flour from North Queensland which is rich in R2 resistant starch. It is low GI and good for digestion and helps to keep you fuller for longer. And no, it doesn't taste at all like banana so this mix is extremely versatile.

Price: $13.50

Naturis Organic Buckwheat Loaf (Gluten Free)

Thursday orders only

Ingredients: Organic buckwheat meal, Organic whole buckwheat kernels, Organic rice flour, Organic buckwheat leaven, Organic sunflower oil, sea salt and purified water.

Nothing Artificial - No Preservatives.


Price: $7.50

Nicaraguan Neuva Segovias

A nutty aroma and a rich flavor of nuts, cocoa and a bit of malt, which is more prominent in a black coffee. A nicely rounded and balanced coffee with some delicate sweetness which is enhanced in a milk coffee.
Medium to Strong.

Price: $11.00