Colombian Excelso

A well balanced coffee with an edge in an espresso. This softens with milk but gives a long finish and flavour traits of cocoa and bran. Grown in the Cesar Province in north-eastern Colombia. The ASOANEI co-operative assists producers with organic and sustainable initiatives and helps preserve and promote indigenous and peasant cultures from this area.

Price: $11.00

Ethiopian Harrar

Harrar coffee comes from the Hararghe district in Eastern Ethiopia. A sun dried coffee with good body, earthy with sweet fruits and spice aromas and lingering flavours of spices. A wonderfully complex coffee.
Medium Strength

Price: $11.00

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Velvety smooth and sweet syrupy tastes. Its medium body and acidity make it great with milk or as an espresso.
Medium to Strong

Price: $11.00

Fruit Box Medium

Seasonal organic fruit only in our medium sized box.

Price: $50.00